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Ask This ONE Question In Your Next Interview

TLDR: Ask this strategic question (and more if you’d like) to reveal if the job/role fits you + your boundaries well, and to reveal any potential ????????????

Hey, my name is Eric Aaberg, and I’m a Social Media Strategist & Content Creator. I’ve worked in social media for over 7+ years, and have been a part of some cool brands/teams: Dallas Cowboys, Complexity, Optic/Envy, Dallas Fuel, Dallas Empire, Evil Geniuses, UT Dallas Esports, and even Discord.

I frequently talk about social media tips for building your personal brand and even your company’s brand.

As someone who’s worked 7+ years in social media… the MOST important thing I ask during interviews is this: ????????

“What is the social media department’s team dynamic like, and how does this role fit that picture?”

“Hold up… you’ve worked 7+ years in social media?!”

Yes… I ran social media + marketing efforts for a few Minecraft Servers in 2015-2018 that generated over 30k-150k in digital sales per month).

The biggest ???? I’ve seen in job postings are outdated terminology, vague job descriptions, non-transparent pay ranges, and a “unicorn” expectation for social media jobs.

It’s 2023: That method of hiring 1 person to manage all social media efforts doesn’t work anymore.

This is something I have observed ➡️ which is why you can work freelance to have the ability to choose and set your roles/boundaries (what I’m doing rn).

You see a single Social Media Manager, treated/paid like an entry-level role, and expected to be that “unicorn”.

I’ve seen so many companies & hiring managers to be super vague with salary ranges/job descriptions, and instead reveal what the salary is AFTER A FEW INTERVIEWS.

Why not post that publicly and save both of us our time, okay?

So back to my question: “What is the social media department’s team dynamic like, and how does this role fit that picture?”


– Reveals the social team structure (ie. we have 2 coordinators, 1 producer, etc.)

– Shows how this role fits into the puzzle

– Demonstrates interest

It can also save you from an awkward situation when you’re onboarded and THEN revealed that you’re the only one running social media…

You could additionally ask how the Social Media Dept and Marketing Dept collaborate together ➡️ see if they actually separate the two.

Chances are, smaller/startup organizations may not have the budget for two separate teams. Can be fine, but needs to be clear/transparent upfront and compensated for.

SMMs shouldn’t be managing emails, non-social marketing efforts, or a “unicorn” (unless you’re paying them $$)

Another ???? I’ve seen:

Marketing & Social Media operate in two separate directions.

This is NOT how it should be.

Marketing & Social Media should follow the same brand voice/direction, but each has its own efforts & goals that support the other (and support the brand).

TLDR: Ask this strategic question (and more if you’d like) to reveal if the job/role fits you + your boundaries well, and to reveal any potential ????????????

The last thing you want is to get yourself in a new role that you’re hyped about, only to be restricted/in a bad dynamic.

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Find Your Creative Circle

Let’s talk about finding your own creative circle. (“creative circle”, noun – a circle of friends, peers, mentors/mentees, and other individuals that radiate creativity).

Your Most Creative Location

As we are resuming back to normal life, going out of the “work-from-home” environment more to a hybrid or in-office lifestyle, we’re adjusting as a generation (GenZ for me specifically) to how we work, think, collaborate, and create.

For me, you can typically find me in the weekdays at the Complexity Gaming Headquarters, at UT Dallas, or at a local coffee shop. Ironically, you typically won’t find me at home – and that’s because my “creative circle” is in public, with friends, or in the MCN (Marketing & Creative Network).

In addition, I’m an extrovert – so I need to be around others to be productive.

Extrovert & Introvert Energy

If you’re an extrovert, typically you get your energy (and maybe productivity) from surrounding yourself in the scene of other people. This could be at your office, at a coffee shop (that’s actually where I’m typing this article in under 10 minutes, at a local coffee shop over some cold brew), or at networking events. This is definitely me.

If you’re an introvert, you may get your energy and productivity by putting yourself in your own environment – away from distractions or people. This is probably the opposite of me, except that 2% of the time where I need to decompress and focus on specific things.

There is of course, an in-between.

Everyone is different on how we generate our energy, so it’s important to sometimes get out of your comfort zone to find your comfort zone. Your current “WFH” setup not working for you? You don’t feel as creative” Try changing your setting up!

Putting Others In Your Creative Circle

Outside of my full-time job, where my creative circle there is for our social media, content creation, and marketing projects – I find myself putting some of my college friends, photography/content creator friends, and other individuals in DFW or online in a creative circle. I even meet with one of my co-workers monthly on how we can improve our own personal brands – and soon I hope to start a marketing podcast all about personal branding.

The goal of your creative circle is to find others that are likeminded, share different/new perspectives, and maybe share similar interests (ie. photography, social media, personal branding, roadtrips, content creation, TikTok, etc.).


Takeaways – some key points you as the reader can takeaway (take it or leave it) from this article. Consider this as a quick TL;DR, tips/pointers, and summary of this article!

  • Identify how you get your energy & productivity, are you an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in the middle?
  • Identify places where you can be most creative.
  • Identify individuals to invite in your creative circle.

That’s it! Let me know what you all think – and if you haven’t already, highly recommend joining the Marketing & Creative Network Discord!