We’ve Rebranded: Marketing & Creative Network

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve rebranded to the “Marketing + Creative Network” (formally: Student Marketing + Creative).


Because we’re not just students.

We’re professionals.

We’re creative thinkers.

We’re social media managers.

We’re graphic designers and creative directors.

We’re filmmakers and storytellers.

We’re a group of talented individuals that want to do things that are so cool – they disrupt the industry (in a good way).

The term “student” was great to use in our first year, connecting the majority of students within gaming/esports together – but we’re changing that, as we want to create shared resources between professionals in the industries together and connect everyone into a “network”.

In addition, the name “Student Marketing” was a bit misleading, having outsiders think the community was only for students.

So, welcome, to the Marketing + Creative Network. (Pronounced: Marketing Creative Network). 👋

What you can expect:

  • Think of this as a community of similar like-minded people. We’ll be resuming monthly activations, events, and programming such as our networking nights, campaign deconstruction hours, etc. All of that will happen within our Marketing & Creative Discord.
  • Think of this website as a shared resources platform, or the “Forbes” for all-things genz marketing, creative, and digital culture. We’ll be allowing those who are interested to have their own blog + account to share their tips, testimonials, psychology, and resources together – all in one space. If you’re interested, let us know via Discord.
  • In the coming weeks, you’ll see more talented individuals announce themselves as a part of our team, and our community helping us create an archive/space of awesome campaigns, thoughts, and processes. What was good about X? Why was Y not as good? More importantly, how can you do better when you execute Z?

As always, this is a place where you should feel heard, feel empowered, and feel that you’re learning new things. If you have suggestions, ideas, or even want to help out – please do not hesitate to reach out. Esports is a new industry, but it’s not near perfect, and this is hopefully a new spot where you can connect with other talented individuals, and even learn from others as well. 🚀

Always keep learning.

Eric Aaberg | @erictigerawr
Founder, Marketing & Creative Network

By Eric Aaberg

Head of Social Strategy & Marketing, TGR Creative