Ninja Reveals His New Brand

Today was a big day in the gaming & esports industry – Ninja revealed his new brand, and let’s just say it was everything we did not expect.


Via Twitter, Ninja shares his new logo, icon, and overall brand. One thing’s for sure – it was the talk of the day. Over thousands of tweets and hundreds of quote, tweets filled the Twitterverse, commenting about the distaste from fans, creators, and creatives in the community.

I mean… I can see where they were going with this – but there are definitely a lot of things that come off rather alarming at first glance:

  1. Why is the “a” in NINJA not capitalized?
  2. Why is the “I” and the “J” a very different weight than the rest of the letters?
  3. Why is there a faint line in the new hair logo?

And the list continues.

So, what do you think? Are you a fan of Ninja’s new brand, or prefer his old one?